our facilities


We are pleased to offer owners a fantastic owner’s suite, well equipped with leather suites, access to Racing channels and a lovely heating facilities for those cold winter days.
Derek is always available for a cuppa and a chat with his current and prospective owners. 


1. We have a five and half furlong sand and fibre oval gallop. 
2. The oval gallop links in to a five furlong up hill sprint polytrack gallop. 
This allows Derek to simulate a race of any distance from five furlongs to three miles. 
The use of the oval gallops teaches the younger horses how to handle the bends preparing them better for racing. 
There is no additional fee’s for using the gallop. 

All-Weather Menage

This is a wonderful addition to the yard, it is used daily to warm up horses before going on the gallops, to school young horses to strengthen them up. 
The show jumps are used to keep some of the older horses fresh to give them a change of scenery. 
The fence around the menage is higher than a normal fence, specifically to enable us to loose jump horses at the start of their national hunt career. 
Due to it having a rubber fibre top we have never had a day when the menage is un-usable through frost or snow. 

Stabling area

Our Facilities consists of:- 
1. A large indoor barn with 24 stables. 
2. Outdoor court yard with 8 box’s -predominantly used to house colts. 
3. A medium barn which has 4 standard size Monarch boxes & a foaling box. 
4. A smaller barn that holds another 5 Monarch stables. 
5. 4 wooden stables which can be used as isolation yard if required. 
6. 3 outdoor Boxes. 
7. 4 large Monarch stables which can also be used as foaling boxes if required. 
8. 2 stables have been converted into hot shower boxes, for washing horses off after exercise.

Turnout paddock

Derek is a strong believer that horses should be horses and therefore we have numerous paddocks which are used daily to turn out as many horses as possible. 
Derek believes turning horses out helps their mental state and their attitude of the horses. 
All paddocks have been fenced with horse rail and horse netting and and a lot of the paddocks have shelters to ensure complete safety and well being of all the horses. 

Horse Walkers

We have two Monarch Exercisers or Horsewalkers as they are better known. 
Horsewakers are fitted with electronic controls with twin timers and auto reverse, electrified pushers and assisted braking. 
The walkers are just part of a horses training regime, used to warm up and cool down before and after work assisting in prevent injury and to assist in exercising horses recovering from injury’s. 
The walkers help to build by muscles and strengthen a horse without the need of a rider. 

AW Paddock

This facility allows for the safe turning out of horses when the ground is either too hard for their legs or the turf surface is too slippery due to frost or rain which could cause injury.

Turning horses out helps keep them fresh in their work, giving them the chance to run loose and have a good roll around.


We have a Monarch lunging pen. The surface is supplied by Equestrian Surfaces, this is a wax-coated synthetic surface similar to the surface used on racecourses. It is created using a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, with every particle molecularly bonded within a wax coating. 
The surface has a root structure that mimics turf, allowing horses to work ‘on top’ of the surface, rather than into it. 
Our lunging pen is used everyday and is a essential for the education and fitness of our racehorses, it is also used when breaking in and schooling young horses. It is also used continually as a safe turn out area to all the horses to stretch their legs. 


We have a 3 bay Arkenfield Starting Stalls. 
As a trainer and under the BHA rules of racing, Derek must ensure that any of the horses he trains are properly schooled for all types of starts. 
These starting stalls allow our horses to feel comfortable when entering the starting stalls and help to prepare them for their races. 

Fences / Hurdles

Supplied by Easyfix these are standard racecourse height fences and hurdles.

They are made from artificial components so there is very little maintenance.  With their interlocking mechanism Derek can decide on how many sections he puts together at any one time, they can be moved easily and they do not fall over.  This protects the horse and jockey from injury


We have installed stocks that serve two purposes. 

1. Horses use these when they go on the Zamar ice machine for their legs. 

2. When breading our own racehorses and we use this for the meres. 
These are also a great asset to any yard.  They assist our vet when providing  medical treatment to any horse.